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Apartments Houses for sale Laureles Poblado Medellin. Buy Real Estate Invest in Laureles Poblado Medellin ​Colombia 

Apartments For Sale Ivy Laureles Medellin

Apartments Houses for sale Laureles Poblado Medellin. Buy Real Estate Invest in Laureles Poblado Medellin ​Colombia colombia real estate medellin

​​                    Apt      balcony   Total            sell price             HOA           
                    m2        m2           m2             Col Pesos          Col Pesos         
Apt 201                                                              Sold                $ 346.000
Apt 202                                                             Sold                $ 346.000
Apt 301                                                              Sold                $ 346.000
Apt 302                                                             Sold                $ 346.000
Apt 401                                                              Sold                $ 346.000
Apt 402                                                             Sold                $ 346.000
PH 501                                                               Sold                $ 346.000                                        
PH 502       71.40           -          71.40    $ 395.000.000     $ 346.000 

Misc.                                      sell price               rent monthly              

Parking Spaces Cars     $ 25,000.000            $ 150.000
 *parking spaces optional & sold separately 
 *prices above don't include furniture. Add US $10,000 for furnishings/linens, etc.

 *can pay in US $ or COP


MedellinRentals.com has been doing rentals in Medellin for 5 years.  2 things have changed          recently. Tourists are now choosing Laureles over Poblado because of less tourists, less traffic, great restaurants & good nightlife 3 blocks away on ave 70. Digital Nomads are now the new tourists, which are young tech people seeking coworking space to work & network. IVY Laureles has mixed use zoning, which means our building legally allows short-term rentals. Owners have the option to manage their own rentals or have Ivy Rentals manage them. We charge 15% of gross rents & currently manage several Apts for owners with 7% ROI/Return on Investment annually + 5% annual appreciation on Apt. value.

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Foreigners ownership rights in Colombia 

Foreigners can hold title in Colombia just like in U.S.  Instead of using escrow companies, Colombia uses attorneys & notaries to do title searches & record deeds. Owning properties abroad is good way to protect assets from lawsuits or divorce as most countries do not require people to declare properties owned abroad. More info on buying process in Colombia - click here   


Hold Apt with US $500 Paypal payment. Within 60 days buyer needs to complete purchase.  Deeds are ready & can be signed sametime as purchase agreement/promesa. If buyer cannot complete purchase within 60 days deposit will be forfeited & apt will be listed for sale again.