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 coworking 24/7 in Medellin, 100mb wifi + private wellness rooms for rent

biofeedback, chiropractic, massages, nutrition consulting, physical therapy, etc.

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acupuncture Biofeedback chiropractic care nutrition physical therapy in Laureles Medellin

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Coworking Prices - Medellin - COP

                                                                                            Daily             Weekly           Monthly                     

virtual mail service                                                          n/a                  n/a               $    30.000
open desks                                                                    $  30.000      $ 150.000        $  400.000
private offices with 1 desk                                         $   50.000      $ 200,000      $  700.000
private offices with 2 desks                                      $   75.000      $ 300.000      $ 1.000.000

patient room with massage table -   members      1 hr free         5 hrs free        20 hrs free

patient room with massage table - non-members                   $20.000 hr

conference room 2-12 people                             members free                     non-members $ 20.000 hr

private events 13-30 people                                weekdays $  100.000 hr   weekends $50.000 hr     

private events 31-80 pp - rooftop                                                   $ 100.000 hr

fotocopies                                                                           black  $ .500             color $ 1.000

*prices in COP, taxes incl.    

*can pay in US $ by Paypal. exchange rate $ 3,000

*reception Hours - Mon-Fri  8am-6pm + 24 hr access card

*virtual mail - receive mail at our address & have it scanned and emailed to you
*10% disc. for 4+ month prepaid rentals
*scans free,  photocopies black $.500, color $1.000, laminate $3.000

*free bike/motorcycle parking, free street parking or covered parking COP $150.000 mo.

​*members get 10% disc. on our services: biofeedback, chiropractic, facials, massages,

  nutrition consulting, physical therapy, etc

*first day of coworking free

Rooftop Yoga  -  Medellin - COP $15.000 x 1 hr
Tues & Thurs 5.30pm-6.30pm 
yoga mats for rent COP $3.000

Massages  -  Medellin       1 hr COP $90.000        1 .5 hrs  $120.000
Massages in Medellin help reduce back pain caused by tight muscles & reduce varicose veins by increasing the circulation of blood & lactose in the muscles.
Relaxing / Soft Massage - whole body massage to relieve tension from work or stress
Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Sports Massage - for people who do sports or have very tight muscles
Reductive massage -  massage performed with high pressure & faster rate to loosen up fatty tissue

Reflexology massage - treats pain & tension by activating the reflex points on the feet & hands
Thai massage - combination of stretching & massage done on floor with mat that stretches the muscles

 Chiropractic - Adjustment - COP $ 90.000   Combo - Massage 1 hr + adjustment - $ 130.000
Chiropractors Medellin specialize in neck & back pain caused by pinched nerves, muscle spasms or whiplash. Israel Diaz - is a certified chiropractor with 6 yrs experience. Also certified in Acupuncture, Massages & Reflexology.

Nutrition, Detox, Digestive Balance & Immune Resistance Consultation - COP $ 75.000
 Low energy, low sex drive, reduce fat, detox, lose/gain weight or lower your cholesterol? 
 "You are what you eat" - Many problems of the body are due to an imbalance of alkaline levels in the body.    Daphne will review your diet & outline a new diet that will boost your energy levels, boost your sex                drive, clean out toxins from your body, balance your alkaline levels & improve your digestive system

Physical Therapy - Medellin - COP $ 70.000 - 1 hr
Andrea has been doing Physical Therapy for 10 yrs. She uses a combination of stretching & electrical sensors to stimulate & loosen the muscles to relieve pinched nerves. Normally pinched nerves are relieved with 3-4 sessions 

Biofeedback - Medellin - COP $120.000 - 1 hr 
Suffer from migraines, depression, stress and insomnia?
Biofeedback is ​a therapy that uses sensors attached to your body to measure body functions to help you develop better control over certain health issues such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, insomnia, & stress.  You will learn to manipulate your breathing, heart rate, & other body functions to help alleviate these health issues. Dr. Alvaro Malenkov

BIke Rentals  - Medellin
daily COP $20.000, weekly COP $80.000, monthly COP $120.000
*requires refundable damage deposit US $300 / COP $900.000 Paypal or cash

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​​​​​​​​​circular 4 #73-64​

whatsapp +(57) 350.220.3051 -  info@IvyLaureles.com

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